Friday, July 15, 2011

Welcome to the Middle Fork Greenway


An expanse of native trees, shrubs and grasses along the Middle Fork of the South Fork of the New River, strengthening streambanks, providing shade, absorbing runoff, protecting water quality, enhancing fish and wildlife habitat;


a trail winding through the green corridor, stretching 6.5 miles from the sidewalks and trails of Blowing Rock to the Boone Greenway, linking to the Mountains-to-Sea Trail, providing a safe, inviting, accessible place to hike, take a leisurely stroll, jog, ride a bike, run errands, commute to work and school;    4

a few small parks along the way with picnic tables for family and community gatherings or a quiet lunch break, and benches where you can sit to read a book, chat with a friend, watch the ducks, and listen to the frogs and birds...    5


...we believe these ingredients will form the backbone of a better community.  Greenways protect the environment, encourage physical fitness, preserve a place's identity, and foster opportunities that lead to economic growth.  We've been promoting a greenway along the Middle Fork since 2000.  We need your help to make it happen. 

 Visit our tributary park sites.  Be stunned by Amy and Lowell Cooke’s breathtaking Headwaters Journal of wildlife photos, featured below.  Read ahead to find out what we've done and what remains to be done. Then join us on our exhilarating, challenging journey to make the Middle Fork Greenway a reality.
Photos by A.B.
1 & 2: Near Roaring River Road
3: Near Dexter Lane
4: Along Boone Greenway
5: Payne Branch Park
6: Sterling Creek Park
7: Goldmine Branch Park
8: Along Boone Greenway 
Headwaters Journal:  Wildlife Photos
by Amy & Lowell Cooke

Twelve-spotted Skimmer

                                                                       Blue-eyed Mary

Wood Ducks


                          Yellow Ladyslippers

Native Columbine

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